Jeff Nadherny works co-actively with clients to explore alternative means by which clients can realize a  fulfilling life in retirement. Jeff is not a psychiatrist, but rather a trained coach that applies techniques of proven and demonstrated success. Based on thoughtful open inquiry and genuine introspection, Jeff helps individuals to clarify their own core values, passions, and goals, as well as acknowledge the fears that paralize the clients from being decisive.  At the end of each coaching session, clients are held accountable to undertake some specified action.

Jeff has been a resident of Belmont, Massachusetts for the last 20 years. He has been a recognized leader in commercial real estate industry for 30 years. Throughout his time in business, he has actively engaged in a host of environmental initiatives and at-risk youth programs.  

Dartmouth College, B.A.,  Harvard University, M.Ed.

[email protected]
                             (617) 905-3242